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‘Sex n drugs n rock n roll…’  the handsome man greedily dreamt. However, before that blissful delirium danced through his subconscious, past events had culminated to expose something mercilessly lethal; in fact something as deadly as it could possibly get. Yet in spite of that, it would not be dangerous to the handsome man directly, as his type are immune, but it would inevitably be the worst scenario for the type that make up most of world population. So, what were the said events that transpired…

The Order of the illuminati employ unscrupulous Agents, that are utterly ruthless in upholding the occult’s secrecy. They feed disinformation to conceal the very existence of this secret elite, leaving them to appear a mere myth, allowing their masters to surreptitiously continue their scheming towards a One World Government; a New World Order.
Through the centuries the illuminati have infiltrated most powers, altering the course of wars, upsetting government policies, assassinating: Emperors, Kings, Queens, Presidents, even the influential that might make a difference to their plans, just incase. In their pursuit of world domination they have often stumbled, but uncannily the illuminati have always ended up on top except this time it might be different.
Since time immemorial there have always been secret societies, one such being the ‘Ordo Templi Mysticus’ (Order of the Temple of the Mysterious or by the acronym OTM) that practice their clandestine, abhorrent, depravity infested satanic rituals. This death cult follow the doctrine of the ancient unholy Trinity and, through the ages, have attempted to worm their way into other religions to plant their poison, the poison of chaos. These zealots had always presumed they were a secret within secrets, but they were wrong. The illuminati have Agents everywhere and one such Agent, that painstakingly infiltrated the OTM, had begun to hear whispers. Those whispers were followed by further whispers telling of a recent delivery, a delivery so rare and deadly that the lives of billions may be at stake.
When this mind-jarring news reaches the Greater illuminati, they order the immediate seizure of this ‘mysterious’ delivery and the capture of the evil zealots. But, underestimations can be made by all, for the OTM too have a spy within the Lesser of the illuminati who inform of the imminent attack by them. This causes the OTM to prepare for the return of their evil Messiah sooner than they anticipated. So, in the name of their doctrine, they pre-empt the attack by accelerating the implementation of the mysterious delivery. Then, through death oaths, some commit the ultimate form of devotion; suicide, because they cannot be compromised again in their mission of achieving genocide. But, on the report of their supposed deaths, the autocratic illuminati are left to agonize on what path might have been forced upon them…never mind the rest of the world.

But, that is all by the by, for this story is not about the cause, it is about the effect.

This story actually begins at the yearly Burning Man festival, held in the Black Rock Desert northwestern Nevada. There, a once kidnaped handsome man, suffering from drug-induced amnesia, has somehow reappeared and, unbeknown to himself, is intrinsically linked to the future death of billions…how is that possible?

‘But, if you are totally oblivious to what had transpired father, how can you be blamed for what has occurred…’ the handsome man’s young genius daughter later mused while worrying about him.

She, thereafter, grows up through the terrible effect, to eventually challenge the deadly secret cults and Orders? Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, can she even attempt in stopping the human race from imploding, or are the sinister powers way too ravaged by their apathetic ideologies to allow that to happen?

The Rhesus Negatives vs the Rhesus Positives.

The Greater illuminati vs the Lesser illuminati.

Both illuminati vs the Negatives and the Positives.

But all vs the OTM…

To be sure is, nothing will ever be the same again…